About Neelakandan

Nature, Truthfully.

Nature has a knack for presenting her best moments to the most patient of her admirers. Anil, also known by the pen name Neelakandan Madavana, believes that his role is to be a silent adorer of nature’s beauty. His philosophy as a photographer is to represent nature as truthfully as he can.

Right from childhood, nature, especially dense forests, has always had a calming effect on Neelakandan. Serene images of woods he had visited in his early years had made a profound impression in his mind. Over the years, Neelakandan felt an insatiable urge to document and share the images he sees. And that’s why he took up nature & wildlife photography as his life’s purpose.

In 2009, the Kerala State government ‘s photography award was presented to Neelakandan. His name was chosen among the ten best wildlife photographers in the state, selected by the Lalithakala Akademi. Many of his articles and photographs about wildlife and nature have been published in prominent magazines in India and abroad. Neelakandan’s research that he did for three years, about the Nilgiri Martin a rare species of mammal endemic to western ghats was published in Journal of Threatened Taxa.


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